Real Estate Advisory

What is a Real Estate Advisory?

You must have heard about management consultants, financial advisors, IT consultants, etc., and may have consulted them for some other reason. Right?

Similarly, many flourishing and leading consultants today exist in India, like real estate advisory firms, etc. This article will give a deep insight into real estate advisory.

Agents vs Advisors

Firstly, let’s talk about real estate and real estate agents. Real estate is a property in the form of land or a building, and real estate agents serve as a middleman between sellers and buyers of real estate.

Now, let’s understand what “Real Estate Advisory” is. A real estate advisor, or a consultant, is a professional who advises clients who wish to buy, sell, or invest in property. They help clients navigate the housing and property markets and present trends, unlike a real estate agent or a broker who is only focused on transactions.

For instance, a developer may wish to determine if building a plaza in a given neighbourhood is wise. A real estate consultant begins research after learning the client’s goals. They may visit locations, speak with local real estate professionals, and compile data on regional property development patterns.

Stead Realty Advisory is one of the real estate advisory firms that offer not only advisory services to its clients, developers, and investors. It provides strategic expertise supporting the sales and marketing team, strategy team, loan, and advisory assistance, strategic project management, etc.

After understanding the difference between a real estate agent and a consultant, let’s move ahead and learn about some of the crucial real estate consulting services in detail.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Market Analysis:

A real estate consultant researches ongoing price trends, reliable realtors, etc., and analyses the market based on significant findings. It is the first thing a consultant does, and it is the most crucial one.

Portfolio Evaluation:

A real estate consultant looks at the fundamentals of a real estate business, asset, or portfolio, its competitors, and the overall market dynamics that affect value.

Construction Risk Management:

A real estate consultant or consultancy helps reduce construction-related risks and improve the efficiency of operations without getting in the way of growth.

Technology Evaluation:

A real estate consulting firm or a consultant understands, checks whether the right technology is being used at the right time for the proper purpose, and then evaluates the processes used to achieve the desired outcomes.

Perks of Hiring a Real Estate Advisory Firm

Professional Negotiation Skills:

A real estate consultant has professional negotiation skills that would help the customer crack the right deal as they are familiar with all the tips and tricks with the right experience and market knowledge.

Proper Contract Handling:

A real estate professional handles contractual affairs involving buying and selling properties with efficacy.

Locality Knowledge:

A real estate consultant can help you with in-depth knowledge about your local realtors and then weigh the pros and cons while making any decision.

Market Conditions:

A decent real estate consultant is aware of the facts and the actual figures, like per square foot cost, the average sales price of similar houses, etc.

Post Sale Handling:

A real estate advisor performs all the formalities after a customer has purchased the property and manages all the legal paperwork formalities seamlessly.

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