Joint Venture & Barter

Stead Realty Advisors offers a channel to build an exclusive relationship between developers & real estate capital providers for joint venture plans

Why Joint Venture

The joint venture is an excellent business opportunity; it is becoming the most common way to develop business across India. Stead Realty Advisory offers joint venture options to landowners, investors & builders to gain more profits by expanding the market. Our tailored joint venture services agreement ensures a win-win collaboration, maximizing profitability and minimizing risks. This expansion helps to maintain cash flow in the market during any situation. You can currently develop your business in all parts of India with Team Stead.

Joint Venture Benefits

  • It benefits builders to expand their business with multiple choices in the basket.
  • To Landowners clear & transparent deal with fast conversion and profitability
  • To Investors, reliable multiple choices and fast conversions

Factors to be Considered

Even though the venture is very lucrative, multiple factors must be considered before entering a joint venture. Stead Realty Advisory helps you with expertise in this field to develop your business.

  • Screening of all documents related to Land provided by Land Owners.
  • Inspection of the site.
  • Screening of Prospective Developers or Investors.
  • Clear Discussions with the prospective developer or investor.
  • Inspection of the completed sites.
  • Due Diligence of all the parties.
  • Strong Legal paperwork.
  • Proper division of roles and responsibilities of each party.
  • Project and Financial planning.
  • Planning and Development of an exit strategy.


Barter is a Centuries-old art of business lifecycle as it helps to turn transactions in an easy & faster way without involving any financial transactions. Stead offers various barter deals to developers, contractors & suppliers, which allows them to maintain healthy business & commercial relationships with multiple parties.


Barter offers freedom from dependency on various factors for developers, contractors & suppliers, and it helps in the completion of the project at a rapid scale with less complexity. It allows each party to utilize maximum skills and achieve desired business goals.

Barter benefits various Parties:

  • To Builders to expand their business with fewer financial liabilities.
  • To Contractors & Suppliers to expand business & also with the help of sales of barter inventory opening new business horizons.