current treands in real estate market in india

Current Trends in the Indian Real-Estate Market

The Indian real estate market has become very attractive for investors. The market promises rewarding returns with significant opportunities compared to other forms of investments like gold, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, and the stock market. Experts say real estate is the safest and best form of investment. As per real estate market trends, the market is upgrading as many developers launch new projects with increased demand for homes. From commercial to residential, the overall real estate market is becoming bright in the upcoming years.

Let’s learn more about real estate market trends in India.

Fractional Ownership and Leasing Properties:

Companies are increasing their office space for their growing sales and employee freedom. As the demand is rising, companies are investing small amounts, like 5-7 lacs and choosing fractional ownership method for owning office space. Such a method has become a significant real estate trend in India as it saves more money than renting and owning the same.

Residential Sector:

In metropolitan cities, demand for homes is exceeding the supply rate. It is estimated by 2030, and there will be a need for 30 million units of homes to handle the growing population, which has led to a 5% increase in capital value.

Ready to move in property:

This brings ready-to-move-in apartments in demand. This concept was first popularised in Europe and America, and now some Indian developers are trying to adapt this concept of doing the whole project first and later selling it.

Office Spaces:

Businesses have started splitting their offices or even increasing their branches due to the increase in employment demand. This has resulted in businesses getting more office or co-working space, saving costs and improving employee engagement.

Shops Cum Offices (SCO):

This real estate trend will boost at another level in India as the government has allowed it with a green flag. Here real estate developers can sell plots, and buyers can construct up to four floors, and this is how they get the commercial property at a reasonable rate. This has also been benefiting investors as it is multiplying the investments in a short amount of time. SCO can also help young entrepreneurs and developers.

Warehousing sector:

During the pandemic era, the E-commerce sector was boosted by an increase in-demand buying of warehouses and godowns for storage and timely distribution of goods. By the financial year 2023, the E Commerce warehousing share is estimated to rise to 37%. Overall, warehousing transactions are about to grow by 22% by the end of 2023.

Digital House Hunt:

This is an emerging technology, and we can see real estate marketing getting revolutionised with 3D Home tours with the help of virtual reality and photography. This has become a trend after individuals find it difficult to visit sites due to lack of time and travelling convenience. VR and AR have helped developers and buyers to understand and know more about the project before it gets executed.

According to these current real estate market trends in India, the future here is not only advanced but at a position that will see many new changes. Many things like pricing, buyer needs, demographic shifts, and costs of raw materials will keep influencing the market. Stead Reality Advisor understands and studies all these current trends and provides well-analysed advice on which property to invest in.